Why Nutritional Therapy

Why Nutritional Therapy?

With today’s hurried way of life, food is often seen as a fuel simply to fill our tummies and keep us going until the next mealtime. We don’t always think about how nutritious our food actually is, where it was grown, reared or prepared and whether we are really giving our body, brain and mind the sound and varied nutrition needed to be healthy, vital and happy.
Instead we may have been seduced by food advertising and become accustomed to the taste and convenience of ready-made packaged foods, the benefits of which may be exactly only that: ‘taste and convenience.’ By making poor food choices we may actually be unwittingly suffering from some degree of ‘Hidden Hunger’ for vitamins and minerals not satisfied by our daily diet.
Nutritional Therapy - healthy food choices
Poor food choices, a stressful and sedentary lifestyle coupled with toxic overload can lead to so many going about their daily lives believing it is OK to feel mediocre. Putting up with persistent health ‘niggles’ or constantly battling against overweight may ultimately lead to chronic disease.